Praise Factory is a London based fellowship of christian artists with a collection of renowned contemporary Gospel,  Jazz, Classical and various other musicians. Praise Factory consists of an orchestra,a brass section,a mass choir and a variety of quartets. However there is a core of 10 to 15 band members for small performances but this can extend into a full orchestra of 40 or more with a choir of up to 50 talented singers.

Our music is a fusion of diverse and exotic world musical styles from Jazz to such styles as Latin American, Classical, African folk music, Hip Hop, Reggae, Calypso, Electronic with a constantly improving and changing repertoire of styles.

 Our lined up ministrations and performances are packed with energetic and dreamy scenery renditions of our popularly known psalms, hymns and spiritual songs ranging from traditional arrangements to contemporary versions through various musical plays, concerts and recitals depicting stories from the bible and our daily lives as Christians.

Praise Factory is poised to bring a fusion of music, poems, dance, drama and more through young and vibrant talents for Christ. Although Praise Factory is a  Christian Organisation, it is targeted at both a christian and non christian audience.

Praise Factory offers gospel music workshops for its members from orchestra sessions to jam sessions with monthly master classes by renowned musicians such as orchestrators, educators, voice coaches, professional musicians and many more.

Praise Factory is open to different age groups from ages 5 up to 35. Why not be a part of the new age of gospel music. To be a part of this evolution, please apply now.   

Our mission is to reach out to the lost through performing arts.

075 4094 1013, 01 708 533 780