Music and Arts for Schools,Academies and Community Centres


Praise Factory Music offers a range of Music and Arts Enrichment Activities across various Schools, Academies, Nursery-Preschool and Community Centres. 

We offer daily or weekly workshops for:

CHOIR AND OR VOCAL ENSEMBLES:  Our Choir sessions take each member through a vocal course tracing the roots of soul, jazz, gospel, R'n'B  inspired melodies including training and development using breathing exercises, Diaphragm breathing/singing, voice warm ups exercises, voice projection, tone production, ear training, improvisation and many more. We aim to also set up end of term performances/concerts or prepare them for performances as directed by the school or organisation. School must have a music room equipped with either a tuned piano or a digital piano. Students will be required to attend an audition, view our entry criteria below.

MUSIC ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPS (Composition, Music Theory and Harmony): Our Music Theory,Composition and Harmony classes introduce students to the components of music creation launching deep into music notation, arrangement and harmonisation techniques. Our classes cover Bach Chorales, Harmony and Theory and the use of Music Notation and Composition software (Sibelius). 

ORCHESTRA AND OR INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES:  Our Orchestra and Band Ensemble workshops are designed to help students find use of their musical skills and abilities within a large or small ensemble. These sessions are designed to help them explore music from the Baroque period up till the 21st century with attention to the new age of orchestral music. These ensembles cover the following: 

*Classical Orchestra

*Jazz Orchestra/Big Band

*World Music Orchestra (Latin Ensemble)

Students will be required to attend an audition for these ensembles. Please visit our entry criteria page for more information 

PERIPATETIC INSTRUMENTAL LESSONS (Graded Music Exams): Our Instrumental Sessions are designed to help students develop skills and abilities for their required instruments. We cover rudiments, scales and arpeggios, performance , sight reading, sight singing , aural perception and more. Our lessons are geared towards the Associated board of Royal Schools of Music Exams, Trinity and Rock School. 

KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and GCSE MUSIC LESSONS: In Praise Factory Music, we believe Music should only be taught by professionals who not only love teaching but have a passion for creativity. Our key stages cover music through classroom teaching exploring the key factors of music such as Pitch, Notation, Rhythm, World Music, Performance, composition, Music Analysis, Music Production and many more.  

CONCERT ORGANISATION AND PREPARATION: We specialise in concert planning, training and execution that promote excellence, achievements and attainment in individuals. We help schools and organisations prepare for the seasonal concert such as Christmas, Easter and any other concerts as required by Clients.

MUSICALS AND THEATRE PRODUCTION: We also develop talents through our musicals and theatre production services that engage pupils through dance, drama, comedy and music. Our theatre and music production can spice up the arts and music within your school. Very common productions are the Easter and Christmas Productions although there are many other productions possible outside these seasons. 

MUSIC PRODUCTION :  Our music production workshops help pupils explore electronic music creation through the use of VSTs, music software and hardware such as Cubase, Logic, Midi sequencing and programming. A music computer room required for this.

DANCE AND DRAMA:  Our dance and Drama culture help pupils explore dance and drama as an art by ways of introducing them to the different genres of dance such as ballet, tap, ballroom, street dancing and many more. Drama involves self esteem, stage and visual expression workshops. We tend to put up termly performances to help showcase these talents or as required by clients.

NURSERY AND PRE-SCHOOL INTERACTIVE MUSIC SESSIONS:   Our Nursery and Pre-school Music sessions help toddlers and youngsters explore music through play and interactive learning. Our Music explores learning colours. numbers, body parts, alphabets, phonics, words, weather, days and months and many more.







Interested in Music Enrichment for your setting, why not book one or more of our sessions for your school, academy or organisation. Our teachers are trained professionals with a track record of success and good behavioural management skills. We do not only see our teachers as instructors, but also as role models who create positive impact, promote healthy relationships and good behaviour amongst students, families and academic staff. All our teachers go through an enhanced CRB Check. 

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